​Bishop Maxim celebrated Liturgy in St Peter and Paul Monastery near Trebinje

p1080736-customOn Saturday, Febraury 15, 2014 at the St Peter and Paul Monastery near Trebinje, the Divine Liturgy in commemoration of the feast of The Meeting of our Lord God and Saviour Jesus Christ in the Temple, Сретење Господње, was served by His Grace, Bishop Maxim together with the clergy and the faithful. 

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Bishop Maxim served for the Holy Three Hierarchs in Ostrog Monastery

celebration-of-three-hierarchs-in-ostrog-2014On Wednesday, February 12, 2014, the Divine Liturgy was served at Monastery Ostrog in celebration of the Feasat of the Three Hierarchs.

The Divine Lituryg was served by His Eminence, Metropolitan Amfilohije, His Grace, Bishop Maxim, clergy and the faithful.

Светом архијерејском литургијом у Доњем манастиру Острогу данас, 12. фебруара прослављен је празник Света три јерарха.


Bishop Maxim in Tvrdos Monastery

monastery-tvrdos-2014At the conclusion of the 2014 Diocesan Days celebration the Divine Liturgy was served at Monastery Tvrdoš, where the transfer of the relics of Sv. Ignatius the God-Bearer took place. His Grace,Bishop Maxim of Western America, celebrated the Divine Litury with His Grace, Bishop Gregory, Abbot Tvrdoškog Save, and other priests of the diocese and in the presence of Bishop Athanasius, and of numerous faithful people.

For everyone present, the brotherhood of Monastery Tvrdoš prepared a festive banquet table.

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Bishop Maxim's Visit to our Oakland Parish

2014-02-09-oakland-9Дана 9. Фебруара, парохију Св. Георгија у Окланду, посетио је епископ Западно’амерички г. Максим где је служио Свету Архијерејску Литургију уз саслужење Протојереја Ставрофора о. Душана Буњевића и јереја о. Зорана Савића локалног пароха.

Парохијска црква била је испуњена до последњег места и народ се са одушевљењем одазвао да дочека свога владику и цела посета била је обележена у празничној и веселој атмосфери. Поред парохијана из локалне парохије са нама су били и наши драги гости, наше браће и сестре из суседних парохија у Сан


The Feast of St. Maximus the Confessor

st maximusHis Grace, Bishop Maxim, together with clergy and members of the Diocesan Council, celebrated the Feast of St. Maximus the Confessor, His Grace's name day, at the Saint Steven's Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in Alhambra, California on February 3, 2014.  

The day began with the Divine Liturgy followed by the Slava service. After the serves members of the Diocesan Council proceeded to the Saint Steven's Library/Conference room where they held their semi-annual meeting. Following the meeting a wonderful luncheon was prepared and served by our Dicoesan Kolo Srpskih Sestara was enjoyed by all.

After an afternoon of fellowed the Council Members departed to their respective parishes. 

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