Sts. Mardarije & Sebastian
Hand-Painted Icons Now Available!


Dear Beloved in Christ,


I greet you in the love and joy of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as I write to share news of the new icon of the Holy Enlighteners and Apostles of our Church, the newly canonized Saint Sebastian of San Francisco and Jackson and Saint Mardarije of Chicago and Libertyville. 

The liturgical glorification of these two new American Saints and the spiritually edifying events that followed on that beautiful day of the canonization in early September, has truly touched the hearts and lives of many and has created an awareness of the important significance of the proclamation of new saints in America and the world.

We, as Orthodox Christians, now offer prayers to these holy and venerable Saints, so that they might intercede on our behalf.  Through God's Grace we have received this great blessing and have now been given the gift of beautifully hand-painted icons to help us in our prayers and remind us of the inspiring and exemplary lives of these two ordinary missionaries of our time, who led extraordinary lives.

Our Diocese has commissioned the writing of these beautifully hand-painted icons which are now available to all of our Churches and Orthodox faithful. The Icon is written in Serbia in Byzantine Style on solid wood (30" x 40" x 1"), and can be purchased for $400, plus shipping and handling, and tax were applicable.

If you would like to order this holy icon of the Venerable Sts. Mardarije and Sebastian for your home or your church, or for a loved one or a friend, please call 626-289-9061, email sebastianpressorders@gmail.com, or order online through Sebastian Press at westsrbdio.org/en/sebastian-press/icons.

May Saint Sebastian pray to the Lord whom he served with his whole heart, to grant us his last spoken wish: The Kingdom of Heaven without end!



With brotherly love and esteem in Christ,
Bishop MAXIM





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