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2015 05 07 our lady of angels 03The Feast of Our Lady the Queen of Angels (Los Angeles) was celebrated for the second time on Bright Saturday, May 7, 2016, at the St. Steven’s Cathedral in Alhambra,

The Synaxarion: On this day, the Saturday of Bright Week, we celebrate the Synaxis of our All-holy Lady the Theotokos and Ever-virgin Mary, the Queen of all and Sovereign Lady of the Angels, protectress and unfailing intercessor of our holy diocese of Los Angeles.

The special liturgical service (Akolouthia) for this feast day was composed on the Holy Mountain of Athos by Athanasios, Hieromonk of Our Lady of Los AngelesSimonopetra Monastery, Hymnographer of the Holy Great Church of Christ, at the request of His Grace Bishop Maxim of Western America. The Service was translated from Greek language into English by Norman Russell.

This Pan-Orthodox feast day began with Matins and the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy, which incorporated the beautiful Paschal and feast-day hymns. The Liturgy was officiated by His Grace Bishop Maxim with the concelebrating priests of the local Western American Diocese and other nearby Orthodox Jurisdictions. The responses were sung by the Pan-Orthodox Young Adult Choir (POYAC). At the conclusion of the Liturgy His Grace Bishop Maxim thanked the clergy and faithful and gave a brief description of some of the people and events depicted in the beautiful Icon of Our Lady Queen of the Angels. His Grace expressed his hope that this feast day of all Orthodox Christians in Los Angeles will grow in the hearts of the faithful in the course of time, which it has already since its first celebration on Bright Saturday 2015. 

Following the Divine Liturgy the clergy and faithful gathered for refreshments, a light lunch, and an afternoon of fellowship.  



Празник Васкрсења Христовог у Лас Вегасу

05Празник Христовог Васкрсења свечано је прослављен у парохијској заједници Српске Цркве у Лас Вегасу. Свету Литургију служио је протојереј-ставрофор Урош Тодоровић уз саслужење надлежног пароха, јереја Милана Унковића и протођакона Озрена Тодоровића. Након Светог Причешћа коме је приступио велики број верника прочитана је Васкрсна Посланица Свјатјешег Патријарха Иринеја и поздравно слово Преосвећеног Владике Максима.

По завршетку свете Литургије у организацији КСС приређен је свечани ручак у црквеној сали, а радост Празника настављена је Васкрсним фудбалским турниром на новоизграђеном фудбалском терену поред Цркве у коме је учешће узео велики број младих људи. 
Христос Васкрсе Ваистину Васкрсе!

PASCHA - The Feast of Feasts at Saint Steven's Cathedral in Alhambra

Pascha Alhambra 2016 07Alhambra, CA - On Saturday, April 30, 2016, His Grace Bishop Maxim, the clergy, and the Orthodox faithful gathered at the Saint Steven's Cathedral to participate in the Feast of Feasts, Great and Holy PASCHA, the Resurrection of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. 

As the children of the Youth Chorale chanted the verse "Come Receive the Light", His Grace offered the Paschal Light of Christ to the faithful and after receiving the unwaning light the Easter procession around the Church began as the clergy and faithful sang, "The angels in heaven, O Christ our Saviour, sing of Thy resurrection. Make us on earth also worthy to hymn Thee with a pure heart". After returning to the closed doors at the front of the church, His Grace announced the Resurrection of Christ and the Easter Troparion was sung, "Christ is Risen from the dead, trampling down death by death and upon those in the tombs bestowing life". 

Bishop Maxim Celebrates His Krsna Slava

2016 04 23 Bishop Maxim slava 018Alhambra, CA - His Grace Bishop Maxim celebrated his Krsna Slava on Lazarus Saturday, April 23, 2016 at the Saint Steven's Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in Alhambra, California.

His Grace concelebrated the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy with the V. Rev. Nicholas Ceko, Cathedral Dean, Rev. Norman Kosanovich, and Deacon Zoran Aleksich, together with Orthodox faithful from many parishes in the Western American Diocese.The responses were sung by the Cathedral Cantors led by director Jonathan Braun. 

Following the Divine Liturgy, the festal Slava service was held in the main hall with V. Rev. Ilija Dajkovich and V. Rev. Peter Jovanovic also participating. Fr. Peter, parish priest at the St. Sava Church in San Gabriel, presided over the Slava Service. The beautiful Kolach and Zito were prepared by Bishop Maxim's mother, Protinica Radmila Vasiljevic.

The service was followed by a delicious luncheon prepared by the Diocesan Kolo Sprkih Sestara. Guests enjoyed a wonderful afternoon visiting with His Grace and friends from near and far. 

A very joyous and Sretna Slava to His Grace Bishop Maxim! Eis polla eti despota!


Bishop Maxim's Visit to Kosovo and Metohija

kosovo metohija 0013. Април 2016 - 20:30

Његово Преосвештенство Епископ рашко-призренски Теодосије дочекао је у манстиру Грачаница Његово Проесвештенство Епископа западноамеричког господина Максима који је 2. и 3. априла текуће године  посетио Косово и Метохију. 

Преосвећена браћа Архијереји су присутвовали Вечерњем богослужењу у цркви манастира Грачанице након чега су провели време у разговору са верним народом и сестринством свештене обитељи манастира Грачанице.

У недељу 3. априла Његово Преосвештенство Епископ господин Максим служио јеј свету Литургију у Манастиру Грачаница и том приликом су му саслуживали пароси грачанички протојереј Светислав Трајковић, протојереј Саво Шмигић, јереј Бранислав Секулић, протођакон Зоран Гођевац и ђакон Бранислав Денић.

Након Литургије у Грачаници Епископ Максим је посетио основну школу "Шарски одред" у селу Севце где је уручио новчану помоћ Кола српских сестара из Калифорније за 135 деце.

У наставку дана Епископ Максим је посетио Призренску богословију и манастир светих Архангела код Призрена.


Bishop Maxim visits Saint Andrew Fool-for-Christ Church in Anderson, California

2016 03 26 anderson 13During the weekend of March 26-27, we enjoyed a wonderful visit from His Grace, Bishop Maxim. Preparations for his visit began very early with making plans for meals and cleaning the church. We also completed some icons that had been waiting for mounting and hanging for quite some time. His Grace's upcoming visit was good incentive!

Since the weekend of His Grace's visit coincided with the commemoration of St Gregory Palamas, we had asked him to speak for a few minutes on hesychasm and the prayer of the heart which were major issues in St Gregory's life. His talk was very beneficial especially for our large group of recently baptized members to our parish. Since his last visit, we have been blessed to bring in over 10 people to the Orthodox Church. We have not seen His Grace for close to 2 years.

The visit began with vespers, but not before His Grace was “piped in” by a bagpiper (John Elliott, 11-year-old son of Fr George) playing “Amazing Grace”. His Grace enjoyed the unusual display of welcome. Bagpipes especially in England and Scotland have been used to usher in important persons. Their sound carries throughout the land far and wide so they are extremely effective at announcing the arrival of august persons most often either royalty or chieftans. How much more so that bagpipes be used to proclaim the arrival of God's servant, the bishop! On Sunday morning, His Grace was treated to being piped in with St Nicholai Velimirovich's Pascha melody “People rejoice!”. As the piper led him to the church playing the tune, Bishop Maxim sang along.

Liturgy was was beautiful but challenging as our parish is very out of practice with hierarchical liturgies. It was wonderful to hear the Serbian chanting of the bishop with the English chanting and singing of the parish choir. We were joined in celebrating by the nuns of St Xenia Skete and Fr Damascene and six monks from St Herman's.

After liturgy we had a wonderful meal prepared by some of our parish members. The food was wonderful and the fellowship was as well. Christ was truly in our midst! After the meal, some of our many children performed another tune by St Nicolai. His Grace treated us to a folk song from Montenegro.

Thanks be to God for a blessed weekend!


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