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Bishop Maxim Visits Colorado

IMG 2372Sunday, February 3, 2013 Lakewood, CO—As the sun was settling over the snow-covered peaks of the Rocky Mountains, local priests and a small crowd of faithful Christians awaited the arrival of His Grace Bishop Maxim at Denver International Airport for his pastoral visit to the church community in Lakewood, Colorado. With His Grace also arrived two esteemed guests, V. Rev. Predrag Puzovic, Ph.D, Dean of the University of Belgrade Theological Faculty, and Prof. Bogdan Lubarda. After the sincere welcome and a few minutes spent at the airport, the group headed for

The Feast of St. Sava, Phoenix, Arizona

st-sava-phoenix-2013On Sunday, January 27, 2013, on the Feast of St. Sava the First Archbishop, His Grace the Right Reverend Bishop Dr. MAKSIM celebrated the Parish Feast Day Celebration - Church Slava in Phoenix, Arizona. Matins commenced at 9:00AM, followed by Hierarchial Divine Liturgy 10:00AM and the Cutting of the Kolach Service, officiated by His Grace along with parish priest Very Reverend Dragomir Tuba and guest clergy. Protodeacon Rados M., our guest from the Diocese of Zica gave a beautiful sermon about the life of St. Sava. A festive banquet and St. Sava Day Children's Program began at 12:00Noon.  Everyone was especially overjoyed at the debut performance of the new womens Ethno Singing Group "Breze," under the direction of Mrs. Gordana Stojanovic Mihajlovic which is comprised of young women and teens from the St. Sava Parish. His

The Feast of Saint John the Baptist

Vasilije i Jovana31On Saturday, January 20, 2013 His Grace Bishop Maxim traveled to the St. Petka Serbian Orthodox parish in San Marcos California to celebrate the Feast of Saint John the Baptist. On this day His Grace also baptized two beautiful little children. The ceremony was followed by a celebratory luncheon in the hall where guests welcomed the newly baptized children. 

In Memoriam +Proto Dusan Vavic

Img2Father Dusan Vavich was born on July 4, 1919 in Krnjevo (near Smederevo) from parents Zivan, a railways administrator, and Rajna (nee Cirkovic). Dusan, the eldest of three children, lost his father when he was 11 years old, so Rajna raised her young family on her own. Dusan was very obedient and pious. He helped to support his family and to lighten his mother's burden, and so he learned to be responsible, diligent and trustworthy from his early youth. He loved to go to school and learn new things, and he read a lot. He completed his elementary education in Krnjevo, his secondary education in Smederevo and
because he was an excellent student he was awarded a scholarship for his tertiary education. World War II caught him in the middle of his academic studies but he managed to obtain his degree at the Faculty of Theology in Belgrade in 1943.

John Davis Ordained to Deaconate

theophany 056On January 19, His Grace, Bishop Maxim, celebrated the Feast of Theophany at St. Peter the Apostle Church in Fresno, CA with a Divine Liturgy that everyone in attendance will long remember. Father George Gligich, the parish priest and Hieromonk Jovan Babic, the diocesan chancellor and priest at Christ the Savior Church in Arcadia, CA along with nearly a dozen enthusiastic altar boys, met the Bishop at the front doors and filled the narthex. His Grace moved from the crisp, sunny morning into a brightly lit church with the voices of a full choir filling the air. After the Bishop’s vesting with all proper ceremony, Reader John Davis was brought forward to be ordained subdeacon as a step towards ordination to the diaconate.At the appointed time following the

Bishop Maxim in Herzegovina

p1020615-customПоводом празника Светог Николаја, у Манастиру Тврдошу служенo је празнично вечерње са петохљебницом. Празничну радост је употпунио долазак Његовог Преосвештенства Епископа Западноамеричког господина Максима. На сам дан празника Светом Архијерејском Литургијом началствовао је Вл. Максим, уз саслуживање архијереја домаћина Вл. Григорија и Вл. Атанасија, двојице игумана: Василија (Завалског) и Михајла (Св. Архангела код Призрена), као и више свештеника и ђакона наше епархије. Након читања Светог Јевађеља бесједио је Владика Максим.

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