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Diocesan News

Slava of Sretenje Monastery in Southern California

sretenje monastery slava 2016Escondido,CA - The Meeting of the Lord Monastery, located in the rocky hills of Escondido, California just north of San Diego, celebrated its Monastery Slava on Saturday, February 20, 2016. The festal celebration began with the arrival of the diocesan bishop, His Grace Bishop Maxim of Western America. Concelebrating with His Grace at the Divine Liturgy were V. Rev. Stavrophor Lazar Vasiljevic, V. Rev. Blasko Paraklis, V. Rev. Bratislav Krsic and V. Rev. Milovan Katanic. Also serving were Deacon Zoran Aleksic, Deacon Paul Germain and Deacon David-John Williams.  At the conclusion of the liturgy and after the blessing of the Slava kolach and koljivo His Grace addressed the clergy and faithful and spoke of the joy of the feast of the Meeting of Lord, touching upon our own meeting with God at the eucharistic celebration and our meeting, our encounters with one another, our neighbors.

An agape meal was served for all clergy and faithful following the Divine Liturgy.

Presentation of the Monograph "The Christian Heritage of Kosovo and Metohija" in Oxford

naslovnaOn February 14, St Theosevia Centre for Christian Spirituality in Oxford hosted a promotion of a truly splendid production—monograph on The Christian Heritage of Kosovo and Metohija. Metropolitan Kallistos of Diokleia, Bishop Maxim of Western America and Prof. Olivera Popovic from Oxford University spoke about this volume.

Bishop Maxim gave a clear and helpful introduction to the book and to its purpose describing it as “a work of love”. The book itself is very beautifully prepared, and most of the articles are very moving, bearing witness to the sufferings of the Serbian people but also to their desire for peace and the finding of a way ahead which conserves the spiritual tradition of the Church and acknowledges the long history of Kosovo as the cradle of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

Metropolitan Kallistos welcomed everybody at the launching of this, as he said, “fascinating volume with many learned and informative articles but also colored illustrations of very high standard.” He recalled visits that he made to Kosovo (first in 1970 and in 2014). Although the history of Serbia from the 14th century is a history of martyrdom, the heritage has not been destroyed and he expressed his belief that the Serbian will continue to be faithful to its heritage, that the memory of Kosovo will continue to flourish. With reference to the testimony of the book, which according to him is “a definitive book on the Christian heritage of Kosovo and Metohija”, Metropolitan said that we need to remember that beauty is a quality of God and of Christian life. And there is much that is beautiful to which the book bears witness.

Metropolitan Kallistos presented the book to the Bodleian Library, the main research library of the University of Oxford and one of the oldest libraries in Europe.

Divine Liturgy in the Cathedral of the Transfiguration of our Lord in Trebinje


На празник Светог Григорија Богослова, служењем Свете Аријерејске литургије завршен је Трећи годишњи скуп „Теологија у јавној сфери“ . Свету Архијерејску Литургију служио је Негово Блаженство Архиепископ Охридски и Митрополит Скопски Јован уз саслужење Епископа Западно Америчког Максима, Епископа Захумско Херцеговачког и Приморског Григорија и умировљеног Епископа Атанасија. Светој Литургији је присуствовао велики број свештенства из ЕпархијеЗахумско Херцеговачке и Приморске и Митрополије Дабробосанске те многобројни гости из других Епархија. Епископ Григорије је у чин презвитера рукоположио ђакона Вука Милишића. После Светог Јеванђеља прикладном бесједом о Добром Пастиру великом броју вјерног народа обратио се Епископ Максим. По завршетку Свете Архијерејске Литургије у просторијама Епархијског дома организовано је послужење за вјерни народ и госте.

On the Feast of St. Gregory the Theologian, with the Divine Liturgy in the Cathedral of the Transfiguration of our Lord, The Third Annual Conference - "Theology in the public sphere" is completed.

Holy Hierarchical Liturgy was served by His Beatitude Jovan the Archbishop of Ochrid and Metropolitan of Skopje with concelebration of Bishop Maxim of Western America, Bishop Grigorije of Herzegovina and the Littoral and retired Bishop Atanasije. Holy Liturgy was attended by a large number of clergy from the Diocese of Herzegovina and the Littoral and the Metropoly of Dabar-Bosnia, as well as many guests from other Dioceses. Bishop Grigorije ordained Deacon Vuk Milisic to the rank of presbyter. After the reading of the Holy Gospel, Bishop Maxim addressed a large number of faithful with a sermon about the Good Shepherd.

 Upon completion of the Holy Liturgy, refreshments for the faithful people and guests were served at the premises of the Diocese.

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His Grace Bishop Maxim at a Conference in Trebinje

010The fifth panel discussion of the Third Annual Conference in Trebinje - "Theology in the public sphere", held on the third day of the meeting, dealing with the relationship between theology and culture, entitled "Art in the church".

Moderator Tamara Rajkovic, in the context of a panel discussion, raised the issues of the role of art in its many forms (physical, visual, auditory, scenic, digital ...) and their mutual pervasion in the church. In the discussion participated: His Grace Professor Dr. Maksim Vasiljevic, Archimandrite Ilarion Lupulović and Professor Dr. Oliver Tomić.  The term of (Christian) temple is considered as a certain space and time also. A special emphasis on the presence of Dramatic Art in such experienced temple, established certain anticipation of the Liturgy in the ancient drama. The concept of liturgical space and time is explained, and a true originality is recognized only in God's creation.

Great contribution to the discussion made the audience with a number of interesting questions, especially the theoreticians and practitioners of art, as well as some participants of the conference who discussed of a certain ecclesial artistic expressions from the theological aspect .

Пета панел-дискусија Трећег годишњег скупа „Теологија у јавној сфери“, одржана је трећег дана скупа, бавећи се односом теологије и културе, а под називом „Умјетност у храму“.
Улогу умјетности у многим њеним видовима (просторном, визуелном, аудитивном, сценском, дигиталном…) и са њиховим прожимањима у храму, модератор Тамара Рајковић проблематизовала је у оквиру панел-дискусије, у којој су учешће узели: епископ професор др. Максим Васиљевић, архимандрит Иларион Лупуловић и професор др Оливер Томић. Притоме, под појмом (хришћанског) храма, подразумијеван је одређени простор али и вријеме. Посебаним освртом на присуство драмске умјетности у тако доживљеном храму, установљена је извјесна антиципација Литургије у античкој драми. Појашњено је поимање литургијског простора и времена, а истинска оригиналност препозната је само у Божијем стварању.
Велики допринос дискусији, у њеном другом дијелу, дала је бројним интересантним питањима и присутна публика, а нарочито теоретичари и практичари умјетности, као и учесници овог скупа, који су са богословског аспекта проблематизовали извјесне црквене умјетничке изражаје.

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Bishop Maxim celebrated his Nameday Saint with his students in Belgrade

03Today, when we celebrate Venerable Maximos the Confessor, the great theologian and confessor of the Orthodox Church,  Bishop Maxim served Divine Liturgy in the Chapel of the Orthodox Theological Faculty in Belgrade, where he celebrated his nameday with his students.

Presentation of the Monograph "The Christian Heritage of Kosovo and Metohija" in Great Britain and Scandinavia

017From January 27 to 31 His Grace Bishop Maxim was a guest of the Diocese of Great Britain and Scandinavia of the Serbian Orthodox Church. During this short visit, Bishop Maxim was able to visit our parishes in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malme and Copenhagen, where he served Divine Liturgies wit His Grace Bishop Dositej. 
Together with Prof. Dr. Dusan Batakovic, His Greace Bishop Maxim presented the monograph The Christian Heritage of Kosovo and Metohija in these cities.
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