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St. Nikola Church in Phoenix Celebrates 50th Anniversary

st-nikola-phoenix-50thПрослављена педестогодишњица постојања Црквено-школске општине Светог Николе у Финиксу

Црквено школска општина Светог Николе у Финиксу (Аризона), протеклог викенда је прославила педестогодишњицу свог постојања. ”Свечано и торжествено” су можда најприкладније ријечи које могу да опишу како је у суботу и недељу било међу Србима из Финикса и околине. Прославу заиста великог јубилеја су увеличали својим присуством тројица владика: Западноамерички Максим, домаћин, затим Новограчанички и

Theophany - Ordination of Daniel Kirk to the Deaconate

daniel-kirk-ordinationOn the Eve of Theophany, Saturday, January 18th, at the Saint Steven's Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in Alhambra, California, His Grace, Bishop Maxim, during the Divine Liturgy, ordained to the Deaconate, Reader Daniel Kirk of Butte, Montana. Also concelebrating the Diving Liturgy were V. Rev. Nicholas Ceko, Rev. Norman Kosanovich, and Rev. Russell Radoicic of the Holy Trinity Church in Butte, Montana. Following the Divine Liturgy and the ordination of Deacon Daniel, His Grace, the Clergy, and newly ordained Deacon Daniel together with the faithful processed outside for the Blessing of the Water. Following the service a small celebratory luncheon was held for Deacon Daniel Kirk, his wife Anne, and their daughter Phoebe. Deacon Daniel and his family will return to Butte, Montana where he will be the parish Deacon at the Holy Trinity Church.

Bishop Maxim visits Oregon

2014-01-11-portland-02On the occasion of the celebration of the feast of “the first crowned among martyrs,” St. Stephen the Protomartyr and Archdeacon, His Grace the Rt. Reverend Maxim, Serbian Orthodox Bishop of Alhambra and Western America, visited the parish of St. Stephen in Portland and its sister church, St. John the Wonderworker, in Eugene on January 11th and 12th.

Reminding his flock in Eugene of the truth that at Christmas “the boundless Essence is wrapped in swaddling bands in Bethlehem” (Church hymn), he says that Christ comes to us during this Nativity season as a friend, speaking to us like one of us, as He did to Abraham and the other patriarchs, Vladika Maxim, noted that His taking on flesh is the supreme expression of embodying an event. For Christ is not an idea but a person for us. He Who the Father reveals as “My Servant Whom I have chosen, My Beloved in whom My soul is well pleased,” (Matt. 12:18) is a light that all of His followers can try to follow, for His sheep know His voice and follow it (John 10:27).

Bishop Maxim visits St. John the Baptist Cathedral, San Francisco

On Sunday, January 5, 2014 His Grace, Bishop Maxim traveled to San Francisco for an Archpastoral visit to the St. John the Baptist Serbian Orthodox Cathedral.

The Divine Liturgy was concelebrated by His Grace, Bishop Maxim and the Cathedral Priest, V. Rev. Djurica Gordic together with the parishioners of the parish.

A luncheon was served in the hall following the service and an afternoon of fellowship was enjoyed by all who attended. 

St. Ignatius Day in Phoenix

2014-01-02-phoenix-st-ignatius-day-10On Thursday, January 2, 2014 His Grace, Bishop Maxim travelled to Phoenix, Arizona to join Rev. Stanislav Duric and his family in celebrating their Krsna Slava, the Feast of St. Ignatius. 

His Grace, Bishop Maxim, Rev. Stanislav Duric, V. Rev. Dragomir Tuba, and many faithful parishioners celebrated the Divine Liturgy in commemoration of St. Ignatius. 


Света архијерејска Литургија у Чикагу - Holy Liturgy in Chicago

unnamed2e1386695633707720x375Литургијска бесједа епископа Максима и поздрави митрополита Амфилохија и епископа Лонгина

У литургијском сабрању учествовао је многобројни вјерни народ са дјецом. Саслуживало је свештенство храма и Епархије новограчаничко-средњозападноамеричке, а појао је хор Српског пјевачког друштва Бранко Радичевић. На банкету који је одржан у просторијама поред Саборног храма, митрополит Амфилохије је одржао предавање на тему 900-годишњице рођења Светог Симеона Мироточивог и 200-годишњице рођења Митрополита Петра Другог Петровића Његоша.

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