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Holy Trinity Church Celebrates Slava

moraga-slava-2013-1On Pentecost Sunday, June 23rd, Holy Trinity Church of Moraga, California, held its Slava with Divine Liturgy celebrated by His Grace Bishop Maxim with co-celebrants, Father Vasilije Cvijanovic, pastor of Holy Trinity; Father Dusan Bunjevic; Father Slobodan Jovic, St. Michaels of Saratoga; Father Djurica Gordic, St. John the Baptist of San Francisco; Father Zoran Savic, St. George of Oakland; and special guest Father Stamatis Skliris of Athens, Greece.  Father Skliris delivered a very moving  homily, in Serbian, on the importance and meaning of Pentecost Sunday.  The joyous responses were led by the students from the University of California, Berkeley. 

Christ the Savior Slava, Arcadia, CA

2013-06-16-arcadia-slava-6У Недељу 16. јуна, парохија Вазнесења Господњег у Аркадији свечано је прославила своју храмовну Славу. Свету Архијерејску Литургију је служио Његово Преосвештенство Епископ западноамерички Максим, уз саслуживање протојереја Стаматиса Склириса, јеромонаха Јована и ђакона Пола Жермена. У наставку је благословен и преломљен славски колач, приређена славска трпеза и мали пригодан програм који су припремили аркадијски парохијани и дечица.

St. Petar of Korisha Slava

st-petar-of-korisha-slava-6On Tuesday, June 18th His Grace, Bishop Maxim, Fr. Nicholas Ceko, Dean of St. Steven's Cathedral, Fr. Blasko Paraklis, Priest of the Most Holy Theotokos Mission parish in Orange County, Fr. Jovan Babic, Priest of Christ the Saviour Church in Arcadia, and Fr. Stamatis Skliris from Athens, Greece, together with the faithful celebrated the Feast of St. Petar of Korisha in the Diocesan Residence Chapel in Alhambra, Califorania. 

Following the Divine Liturgy and the Slava service, a small reception was held for all who attended. 

Bishop Maxim Speaks at Nebojsa Tower

nebojsa-tower-6On Wednesday, May 15th, 2013 His Grace, Bishop Maxim gave a presentation as part of the program for 1700 years of Edict of Milan at the historical "Nebojsha Tower" on the Danube river bank. The title His talk was, "The Concept of Holiness and the Sanctity of Serbian rulers."Source

Bishop Maxim Visits Mexico City

mexico-city-2013-066Mexico City, Mexico, May 12, 2013 - His Grace Bishop Maxim of Western America made his second official visit to the Orthodox faithful in Mexico, May 8- 12, 2013, together with V. Rev. Blasko Paraklis. They arrived in Mexico City on Wednesday, May 8, 2013. During this visit, Abraham, a native of Mexico and a graduate of the St. Tikhon's Academy, served as their guide. The pastoral-episcopal responsibility of the bishop of Western America to the Serbian residents living in Mexico is expressed in the decisions of the Holy Assembly of Bishops. Our fellow Serbs living in this city and the surrounding areas were informed that the Divine Liturgy would be served in the coming days in Holy Trinity Russian Monastery

Holy Friday, Saint Steven's Cathedral

holy-friday-2013-06A Message from His Grace, Bishop Maxim
on Great & Holy Friday

On the afternoon of Good Friday, we conduct the service of the Great Vespers with great solemnity. This Vesper service concludes the remembrance of the events of the Lord's passion, and leads us towards watchful expectation as we contemplate the mystery of the Lord's descent into Hades, the theme of Great Saturday In popular language the Vesper Service of Great Friday is often called the Apokathelosis, a name derived from the liturgical reenactment of the deposition of Christ from the Cross.

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