What is Orthodox Christianity?

What is Orthodox Christianity? -  A three-part slideshow that answers the question, "What is Orthodox Christianity?" by emphasizing the prayer of the heart, watchfulness, and the Holy Mysteries that set Orthodox Christianity apart from other Christian confessions. Part One: The Teachings of Christ emphasizes what Jesus Christ taught His Apostles and what and where the Church is. Part two: Falling Away from Christ begins a consideration of the spiritual consequences of departure from the Church, first through establishing an historical timeline of the schism and then beginning to consider the prayer of the heart, experience of uncreated light, and the difference between spirit and soul that have been preserved in the Orthodox Church. Part three: The Life in Christ focuses on elements of the spiritual life: baptism, repentance, watchfulness, and Holy Communion. - Created by: Rev. Daniel Mackay, St. John the Wonderworker Serbian Orthodox Church in Eugene, Oregon

St. Nikolai of Zicha Oratorical Festival 2015

St. Nikolai of Zicha Oratorical Festival 2015 - Theme: The wonder of the work of Holiness in us and its manifestation in our mission and outreach. Subtheme: The newly canonized Saints Mardarije and Sebastian as living pillars of holiness and mission of our time. We invite the young people in all of our parishes to enter for the St Nikolai of Zicha Oratorical Competition to be held  at St. Steven’s Serbian Orthodox Cathedral on Saturday, September 5th, 2015 in Alhambra, California. Download the Participants Guide which includes instructions and forms. The Deadline for submission is August 15th. 

Sts. Sebastian and Mardarije Orthodox Institute 2015/2016


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Updated 02/19/15


February 16 –20, 2015 • St Sava Church • Phoenix, AZ

In Cooperation with the Clergy Brotherhood of SOC

Keynote Addresses & Core Courses
The Right Rev. Bishop Atanasije (Jevtić) of Herzegovina


Core Courses
Gospel, Revelation & the Living Tradition • Freedom, Spiritual Warfare & Cross • Love, Church & Prayer • Christ – The Alpha and Omega • Emmanuel & Theosis • Conversing with a Bishop • New Pascha – Divine Liturgy in the Land of the Living • Holy Fathers, the Bible and Us • The Return to Wonder: on Holiness and Responsibility • Eschatology and Theosis according to St. Maximus the Confessor • The Kosovo Covenant • Synodality and Canonical Tradition • Democracy and Human Rights in the Light of the Church • On Orthodox Ecumenism • The Eschata in Our Daily Life

Moderators and Presenters
Bishop Longin • Bishop Maxim • Fr. Nicholas Čeko • Abbot Damascene • Fr. Predrag Samardžić • Mother Michaila • Fr. Djokan Majstorović • Fr. Dobrivoje Milunović • Fr. Darko Spasojević • Fr. Dragomir Tuba • Deacon Zoran Aleksić • Fr. Serafim Baltić • Fr. Predrag Bojović • Fr. Blaško Paraklis • Fr. Aleksandar Vlajković • Fr. Živojin Jakovljević • Fr. Justin Havens • Fr. Milan Dragović • Ivan Vuksanović • Lazar Supić • Miroslav Popović • Fr. Ljubiša Brnjoš • Nenad Djordjević • Fr. Justin Havens • Deacon Marko Bojović • Fr. Russell Radoicich • Deacon Daniel Kirk


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