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Founded in 2006 and named in honor of a first American born Orthodox priest, Fr. Sebastian Dabovic, a pioneer of the Orthodox Church in the West, Sebastian Press is one of the largest and most active publishers of Christian Orthodox publications on the West Coast. Read More...


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Now Available for purchase from our
Stamatis Skliris Collection




The Dynamic Earth
Stamatis Skliris'  Vision of the Past, Present, and Future
of American Natural Treasures

Thunder Springs, North Rim, $600

Niagara Falls 2, $700
Grand Canyon, $700
Arizona Cactus, $700
Sedona Cathedral Rock $1.300
Melody of Waters $600
Hollywood Hill, $700
Malibu 1, $1,000
Malibu 2, $850
Jordan Pond & Bubbles, $800
Fireweed & Arctic Cotton, $800
Buffalo, $1,900
Nighttime in Arizona, $1,900

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Fireweed and Arctic Cotton



Johns Hopkins Inlet. The rendering of the water’s natural shine is not the focus of this painting. Even though the lake’s surface is wrinkled with wavelets, the shapes and colors of the various elements are used to form a rhythm of colors and shapes. The lake is the main subject, with its turquoise color that does not appear horizontally, but as a balloon that lifts off the ground. Before us in the foreground is a slope with flowers that exude the joy of natural beauty. In the background, surrounding the lake, wild reddish mountains stretch the perspective toward the back, and thus offer us an endless view.

The scene is pervaded by a sense of loneliness and of man’s awe before the boundlessness of nature. However, the colors of the flowers surround us with the sensation of thousands of delicate fragrances in the air, and sweeten the lonely desert landscape. 


“Fireweed and Arctic Cotton”,
Acrylic on canvas, New Jersey, July 2013
Price: 800

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